Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anne Boleyn Art

I am quite taken with this hisorical figure, whose ambition courted, betrothed, bedded and wedded a fearsome king; Henry VIII. His desire for Anne resulted in Englands excommunication with the church. And by all accounts, she was not considered to be extremely attractive. Based on some literature i read recently, i was inspired to do this piece, which depicts Anne sewing her own head back on. Based on how ambitious she was, I really feel that she if she could have sewn her head back on, she definately would have, and taken vengence on her enemies. Vivat Anna!!

Anna Bolina Regina Ultionis


Some additional info:
Anne Boleyn (1507?-1536)

She was the second wife of Henry VIII, and historians still argue as to whether they were legally married. She became pregnant before their marriage, which hastened their union. Henry VIII fought heaven and earth to make Anne his wife, but he became tired of her shortly after they were married. Since she couldn't produce a male heir, her popularity with Henry VIII began to falter. Rumors of adultery and the legitimacy of Elizabeth began to spread. Henry VIII, being a man who could be easily swayed, began to believe in the rumors.

“Evidence” of adultery, treason, and incest with her brother began to mount against Anne. Despite her pleas and protests, she was found guilty, and was to be put to death either by burning or beheading; whichever the king found most suitable. Plagued by his conscience, Henry VIII decided to have a swordsman from Calais do the deed. It took one stroke to remove her head. She had not yet been dead 2 weeks before Henry VIII was onto his 3rd wife, Jane Seymour.

Self Hypnosis

I write these for no reason other than their metaphorical lament filled the empty space of my head suddenly, for no apparent reason, during meditations... i would like to keep track of the ebb and flow of my subconscious mind.


sleepless shifting

tossing and drifting

towards the origin of the wind

that spot where spotless thoughts flood intelligence

complete and important with undeniable relevance

screaming and stifled

unfinished business






eyes leave the road to glance at eachother

retrograde rims shimmering cold against the blur of the pavement.

gestures exchanged like emotional currency passing between strangers

showing lust or aggression







my head swims in a sea of unrecognizable creatures


to reel one of these things to the surface, like a thought bursting through the current

it struggles to survive

always tangled in the line of communication.


whats the statute of limitations

on crimes of the heart?

am i expected to pay

for 12 years of blessed shame?

leave me my lament and sorrow

its all ive got.


nail me to a glass cross.

when it shatters

after the first nail is driven through

i can see my reflection in the broken pieces.

surface wounds


to be continued... when i get more time to meditate

...the last time i held his hand

the last time i held his hand. love you grandpa.

my grandpa is losing his battle with cancer and is waiting for my mom and i to come and say goodbye.
i have been fearing this moment since i was a small child. in fact i used to imagine them dead, all of them, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles; no one was safe from my mental holocaust... all in an effort to prepare myself for the actual day they die. and i would cry in my bed, in the dark, until my sobs were only the shape of my mouth, utterly void of sound. did it work? no. not really.
i wont sit here and describe how i feel, because anyone who has lost someone knows what this feels like. however, i would like to share that i am struck with the accute horror that when i lose my parents, it will be twice this much sadness, respectively.
and i will add that my grandfather is dying from the same cancer that my dad had. and they are not related. they both developed tumors in the same spot, the same year, almost the same month. so i get the joy of having one cancer patient survive, and the despair of one dying. seems like my joy should balance out my sadness, and i would feel nothingness? why cant emotions be logical like that?

Disk Read Error

so this weekend, my laptop hard drive failed. the motor on the read head died and the read head was locked in before the first boot sector, so, in laymans terms, i will NEVER get all of my photos, journals, art, etc etc. until i raise 800.00 for the clean room experience. losing a packed drive is like losing a damn family member, even though i live with a computer tech, i guess i fell into a false sense of security, and hadnt backed up my data since march 07. luckily, i fell into the money to purchase a new drive. so to vent my frustrations, we made this really cool clock. its not the sata hdd that was in my laptop, (i could never destroy that one) this is an old ide something like 6gb, totally worthless. but we decided to go green, and turn this trash into a christmas present.

its a bit of a nerve wracking project, you canNOT touch the platter. but gloves come in handy. otherwise, i plan on making some more of these. very fun.


A Shocking Story of Imagination

in our neighbors yard, there is an electrical box. well, my 3 year old son hunter was riding his bike, and noticed the sign on the side of the box


thanks alot whoever is responsible for contructing this graphic image. it plays havoc on a 3 year olds imagination. since he has seen this sign, i have had to listen to all sorts of stories about the monster that lives in our yard. this monster sometimes lives in the closet, and has big long "shockers" that come out to get him. sometimes in his stories, he is scared and runs away. sometimes, he stays to fight the shockers. at one point this morning, he was wearing one of my old backstage passes around his neck and holding up to the closet telling the monster to "BE GONE FROM OUR HOUSE!!" if you cant imagine what im describing, just imagine a preschooler performing an excorcism of sorts with a backstage pass instead of a cross.

sheesh. first it was the geico gecko. now its the duke power mascot. i have tried to explain that its just electricity, but he dosent get it. because the fuckin thing has a face, and looks menacing. You have to fear the electric bolt that will not only kill you, but probably be happy to do it. whatever, i guess the sign is effective. you can be damn sure he wont be opening that box anytime soon.


Appearantly the only way to wear a skull is on your shirt, not covered with flesh on the top of your neck. Very fuckin trendy indeed.


Can someone please tell me who or what died?

According to my Jungian influenced literature, the skull is a 2 part symbol meaning death (because its dead) and thought (because its a head). so that begs the overly analytical mind to ask "what thought processes have died here and now?"

What part of our culture or society has been sacrificed / regenerated / recycled / to bring forth this symbol into mainstream media, fashion, art, etc? Could it be the staunch religious fervor that has gripped our society for decades? Or what philosophies have the recent generations contributed to our social order that have really shook the foundation of western thought?

im dying to figure it out. ha! get it?? "DYING" to figure it? she laughs out loud.

Yes, i overanalyze and over metaphaphoricize when i do my mental excercises. but im just trying connect the invisible proverbial dots..

To Create A Predator

I have been watching that Dateline "To Catch a Predator" shit. Im appalled, to say the least. But not for the same reasons that everyone else is. I dont care about men lusting after young girls, that shit is as old as time. I am concerned about what this show says about our society as a whole.

First of all, the reason its called "To CATCH a predator" is because Dateline lures these poor bastards out of their lairs with this whole bait and switch fishing routine that very closely mirrors what i would call entrapment. If it werent for Dateline and their "ratings agenda" these guys would be at home, taking turns pretending to be the 13 year old girl for eachother on the internet, jacking off, then retiring to the couch with a bowl of cereal to watch fuckin Southpark like the rest of us. So, in my opinion, these guys go from "harmless" to "predator" the moment dateline lures them out the goddamn door, and that truly is entrapment.

If you listen to the way that jackhole Chris Hansen reads those chatlogs without any inflection whatsoever, you will begin to think he must be a robot. If you are gonna air someones private life on television, and recite a cybersex dialog, at least do it with some fucking emphasis and conviction! I hate anything that make sex sound emotionless, tasteless and dirty. This whole bullshit is just another way the conservatives try to get into to your living room and make you think its dirty to touch yourself or think about sex.

The only thing that bothers me about the endless parade of guys on this show is that they dont even bother to take showers, some of them, they dont shave or iron their shirts. They show up to take a strangers virginity, lookin like fuckin bums off the street. I dont care how stupid you are, no young girl should have to remember this neanderthal

or this monkey lookin motherfucker

pouring sweat and breathing heavy over her for the rest of her life. If I had to see that face on top of my 13 year old self for the rest of my life, One Million scalding hot post-rape victim style showers and 10,000 tears could not save me from eventually shooting myself in the face.

To the point, no one wants to see this shit. They are creating problems where there were none. I am beginning to think that the only 13 year old girls on the internet are the ones that Dateline provides. If you are a 13 year old girl who has been the unsuspecting victim of internet predation, I would LOVE to hear from you.

And another thing, dosent anyone parent their children anymore? Do parents these days really rely on the media moguls to babysit their kids in this way?

One more reason to shut the fuckin TV off and read a book, to think outside that 20 inch box that dominates your living room.