Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

I was checking out some apartments online, and I came across this "review" on apartmentratings.com. I didnt write this review, but i post it here to share it. I nearly fell out of my chair:

welcome to the jungle

From: -Anonymous-Date posted: 1/10/2006Years at this apartment: 2004-2006

ive been living here several years and this community honestly gives me nightmares. im scared for my life. im held captive here right now and i cant wait for someone to rescue me. why did i renew my lease you ask? i told the staff years ago that i didnt want to renew but they forced me to at gun point! my 3 main problems:-the maintainence man killed my dog with his chainsaw while he was pruning the hedges because "i didnt pay the $800 pet fee". i said, "sir i respectfully disagree. i paid that pet fee in full. please refund me my money." he then proceeded to chase me with the chainsaw back into my apartment. luckily i had a plummers helper hidden behind my couch cushion so i was able to fight him off.-the $400 a month water bill. i filed a complaint with the manager in the main office, even after his attempt to convince me that this was a normal occurance. unfortunately when i followed up the complaint the manager claimed to have lost my report, and at the time had no paper or pens for me to file another. to this date he remains out of paper or writing instruments.-the repeated stealing of my lawn gnomes. im finding myself purchasing a new lawn gnome every 2-3 days because of their constant disappearence. i reported this to the main office, but their answer did not reassure me. they claimed that in the magical world of hunt club, lawn gnomes come to life every night and kill the stray cats roaming the neighborhood. initially i felt this to be a horrifying proclaimation, but soon changed my mind after noticing a consistant decrease in the population of stray cats. i guess you could say that i went from a sense of horrified-anger to proud father. -the coke machine by the pool was removed after my first year. where else am i suppose to get my $1 can of coke.let me just say that theres not a day that goes by without me fearing for my life, and if i could do it all over again i would have taken my money to either harris houston or chateau villa (house place) on the side of highway 49. hunt club is a beast of a complex. so with being said, i give hunt club a rating of 5 stars because of its quaint atmosphere, and charming southern view.

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