Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disk Read Error

so this weekend, my laptop hard drive failed. the motor on the read head died and the read head was locked in before the first boot sector, so, in laymans terms, i will NEVER get all of my photos, journals, art, etc etc. until i raise 800.00 for the clean room experience. losing a packed drive is like losing a damn family member, even though i live with a computer tech, i guess i fell into a false sense of security, and hadnt backed up my data since march 07. luckily, i fell into the money to purchase a new drive. so to vent my frustrations, we made this really cool clock. its not the sata hdd that was in my laptop, (i could never destroy that one) this is an old ide something like 6gb, totally worthless. but we decided to go green, and turn this trash into a christmas present.

its a bit of a nerve wracking project, you canNOT touch the platter. but gloves come in handy. otherwise, i plan on making some more of these. very fun.


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Felipe said...

Wow, haha, I would die of rage if I get something like this with my computer, but I liked the watch at the end is really nice, and I liked your blog, is on my faves I like to follow some reading like that sometimes.

Hah, btw, I'm your D.A. friend/fan ~felipesesoko, haha ;*