Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Shocking Story of Imagination

in our neighbors yard, there is an electrical box. well, my 3 year old son hunter was riding his bike, and noticed the sign on the side of the box


thanks alot whoever is responsible for contructing this graphic image. it plays havoc on a 3 year olds imagination. since he has seen this sign, i have had to listen to all sorts of stories about the monster that lives in our yard. this monster sometimes lives in the closet, and has big long "shockers" that come out to get him. sometimes in his stories, he is scared and runs away. sometimes, he stays to fight the shockers. at one point this morning, he was wearing one of my old backstage passes around his neck and holding up to the closet telling the monster to "BE GONE FROM OUR HOUSE!!" if you cant imagine what im describing, just imagine a preschooler performing an excorcism of sorts with a backstage pass instead of a cross.

sheesh. first it was the geico gecko. now its the duke power mascot. i have tried to explain that its just electricity, but he dosent get it. because the fuckin thing has a face, and looks menacing. You have to fear the electric bolt that will not only kill you, but probably be happy to do it. whatever, i guess the sign is effective. you can be damn sure he wont be opening that box anytime soon.

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