Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Appearantly the only way to wear a skull is on your shirt, not covered with flesh on the top of your neck. Very fuckin trendy indeed.


Can someone please tell me who or what died?

According to my Jungian influenced literature, the skull is a 2 part symbol meaning death (because its dead) and thought (because its a head). so that begs the overly analytical mind to ask "what thought processes have died here and now?"

What part of our culture or society has been sacrificed / regenerated / recycled / to bring forth this symbol into mainstream media, fashion, art, etc? Could it be the staunch religious fervor that has gripped our society for decades? Or what philosophies have the recent generations contributed to our social order that have really shook the foundation of western thought?

im dying to figure it out. ha! get it?? "DYING" to figure it? she laughs out loud.

Yes, i overanalyze and over metaphaphoricize when i do my mental excercises. but im just trying connect the invisible proverbial dots..

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